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This manual is for ver 4, so it doesn't deal with new features of ver 6, but it explains the basic functions of this program. So endure it while we are rewriting it please.


Who should use this program?
  • Who have dozens of IDs and Passwords for web sites.
  • Who have dozens of account numbers, authentication codes, and other information for cyber trading and internet banking.

Key Features
  • Secure management of IDs, passwords, account numbers, etc. (DES encryption algorithm)
  • Automatic typing of this information by single hot key.
  • Easy access to web or telnet site by single hot key.

  1. When you run AhaPass.exe, the following window pops up. Then click button to add a new item.

  2. Then Add a New Item window will pop up. Fill blank fields as shown below. If you don't have Yahoo email account, use any arbitrary value for test.

  3. Yahoo email item is added. Select this item and press the Connect button to connect to the http://mail.yahoo.com. Then web browser will pop up and will connect to the web site automatically. Instead of pressing Connect button, you may also press the specified Launching Key, Ctrl+Alt+Y.

  4. Make sure that cursor is blinking in the ID input box.(red circle) Yahoo mail site automatically placed cursor here. For other web sites that don't perform it automatically, click on ID input box to place cursor there.

  5. Press Ctrl+1 and you will see that ID is typed to the ID input box and cursor is automatically moved to the Password input box. Remind that you have checked Tab box in step 2, so Tab key has been additionally typed to move cursor to Password input box.

  6. Press Ctrl+2 and you will see that [1] Password is typed to the Password input box, [2] cursor is moved to the Sign in button, and [3] Sign in button is pressed automatically. Remind that you haved checked both Tab and Enter box in step 2

  7. Login completed successfully. With this program, you could finish logging in by only 3 hot key (Ctrl+Alt+Y, Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2). Without this program, you should have stroked 10 to 20 keys to get the same thing.

Entire Features
  • Tool Bar

    • Add a New Item Button - Adds a new item to current folder
    • Delete an Item Button
    • Add a New Folder Button - Creates a new folder for you to categorize items. For example, email, shopping, finance, etc. After creating a new folder, you can move item(s) from an existing folder to new folder. Also, you can rearrange the location of folders. See Copying/Moving Items and Folders
    • Delete a Folder Button - Deletes an existing folder including all its items.
    • Connect Button - Connect to the specified address. That is, the specified application(e.g. Internet Explorer or telnet.exe) is launched and connects to the specified address.
    • View/Modify Button - Shows you the contents of the item - ID, password, etc1, etc2,..., etc6, memo.
    • <NOTE> For your convenience, there are corresponding keys to above buttons. To Add a New Item, press Insert key, to Delete an Item, Delete key, to Add a New Folder, Ctrl+Ins key, to Delete a Folder, Ctrl+Del key, to Connect, Ctrl+Enter key or Double Click, and finally, to View/Modify, press Enter key.
  • Menu - File

    • Open - Opens a saved user data file. If you check Append New Data to Current Data box, current data doesn't disapper after opening a file, but new data are appended to the current data. User data files are saved in Profiles directory with extension .aha.

    • Change Password - Change password here.

  • Menu - Etc

    • Expand All - Shows all the items. That is, the first figure is changed to the second one. You may also press Ctrl+Right Arrow key to do the same thing.

    • Collapse All - Shows only folders. That is, the first figure is changed to the second one. You may also press Ctrl+Right Arrow key to do the same thing.

    • To Tray Icon - Hides this program and creates a tray icon. When you don't use this program, send it to tray and at the time you need it again, double click the icon to show this program.

    • Hot Keys - You may change hot keys for automatic typing ID, Password, Etc1, Etc2,...,Etc6, and Memo as well as Showing/Hiding This Program hot key. For example, if you press hot key for ID (Ctrl+1 by default), text in ID box is automatically typed to the cursor location. If you press hot key for Showing/Hiding This Program, the program window shows up from tray, or disappear to tray. Initial value is ID: Ctrl+1, Password: Ctrl+2, Etc1: Ctrl+3, Etc2: Ctrl+4,... ,Etc6: Ctrl+8, Memo:Ctrl+9, and Showing/Hiding This Program: Ctrl+F12

  • Copying/Moving Items and Folder

    • Moving an Item - Use Drag and Drop. For example, we will show you moving First Virtual Bank in Email folder to Bank folder. First, press left mouse button on First Virtual Bank. Second, with left mouse button pressed, move the mouse pointer over to Bank folder. Finally, release the left mouse button.
      NOTEYou may also apply this method to change the location of an item.

    • Copying an Item - Similar to Moving an Item. Use Drag and Drop with Ctrl key pressed.

    • Moving a Folder - Similar to Moving an Item. Select a folder which you wish to change the position of, then use Drag and Drop.

    • Copying a Folder - Similar to Copying an Item. Select a folder which you wish to copy, then use Drag and Drop with Ctrl key pressed.

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