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Sick of remembering and typing IDs and passwords?

Let Aha Password Manager do it for Free*


  • Instead of typing, simply drag-n-drop or press a hot key to log in
    and it will automatically type in your ID, password, credit card number or any long string for you. You can even assign hotkeys to frequently visiting web sites (for example, Ctrl+Alt+G for www.google.com) and connect to it easily.
  • Access your information or web address from home, office, or anywhere. Better than Internet Explorer bookmark!
    Your information is stored securely with 448-bit encryption in your hard disk. You can also copy the encrypted data file to a USB drive to use in other places.
  • Have tons of information? We support categorized storage, powerful search, recently-visited site list and more.
    You can store similar information in a folder. Our powerful search function helps you find what you have quickly and never lose your information. It also supports merging so if you have two information data files, you can merge it into one.
  • We no longer accept sign-ups for online data storage.
    However, you can continue to use the program in your computer. You can still order the program. Although we stopped active development, the program still works in latest Windows. (7/4/2017)
  • Version 7.61 released
    Changed disign of the Quick Find window and fixed a bug. For unregistered users, reduced waiting time for the unrestricted mode and removed completely the waiting time for restricted (read-only) mode. (2/19/2005)
  • Version 7.60(beta) released
    Added a Quick Find method, which shows the search result as you type. In many cases, it's more convenient than the previous Find, which shows result only after you press the Start button. (1/18/2005)
  • Version 7.51 released
    Fixed two little bugs. Previous version crashed when you double click on password-unprotected folders. Also it fixed wrong tab order in the Basic Information window. (7/05/2004)
  • Version 7.50(Beta) released
    You can choose to hide any information field - previously you could hide only password field. Also you can choose specific folders to be unprotected so that you can read it without typing a password. (6/11/2004)
  • Version 7.30 released
    Increased number of passwords one can use without registration from 10 to 20. Also, you can choose keyboard input simulation method. (10/27/2002)
  • Version 7.21 released
    To enhance security, if there is no activity for certain time, it locks the program and asks for password. (9/18/2002)
  • Aha Password v7.04 released
    It has a visual keyboard for better security against hacking tools like keyboard hooking utility. (7/19/2002)
  • Aha Password v7.0 released
    It uses stronger encryption algorithm, 448-bit Blowfish, than previous 56-bit DES. Screen Lock function was also added. (01/06/2002)
  • more...   (detailed version history)
* Have 20 or less passwords to manage? Then, it's absolutely Free for both software (and server space if you like to use it.) There is no functional or time limit. If you use for more than 20 sites, a message will pop up to encourage registration but you still can use it. If you decide to register, it's only $19.95 and the software is yours forever. In addition, if you like, you can get 1 MB of server disk space to store your data file and access from anywhere. We have free upgrade policy and it has been free except upgrade from ver 1~4 to ver 5~7.

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