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Is it secure?
We should start with the fact that there is no perfectly secure encryption algorithm in the world. Even the most secure algorithm can be decrypted with brute force attack or in more decent way. So, we assume an algorithm to be secure if one starts decrypting without knowing the password and he/she is expected not to finish it until the next ice age comes to the earth.

This program encrypts user's data before storing them in a local harddisk or transmiting them through network. So, even if someone gains access to your local computer, or intercepts your data in network, or gains access to our network server, they can see only encrypted data. Even we can't decrypt your data (so, be careful not to forget your encryption password, what you type in the password box in user select dialog box).

This program uses 448-bit Blowfish (from ver7) and 56-bit Data Encryption Standard (up to ver6) and another hash algorithm in encryption.

Attention: For users who store data in our network server, be careful to choose different Server Access Password than encryption password. If you use the same password for both, hackers may be able to decrypt the intercepted data with intercepted Server Access Password. So make sure nobody can guess your encryption password with your Server Access Password.
Last Updated 1/6/2002, Thanks to Ho Erling who reminded me to clarify security issues on the web.

How can I back up my information stored in Aha Password Manager to floppy disk or zip disk? Just in case of computer problems?
Just back up files in Profiles directory.

For example, if you installed it at
C:\Program Files\Aha Password Manager
then your data files are at
C:\Program Files\Aha Password Manager\Profiles
You could see, say, johns.aha, mike.aha, etc. Each file corresponds to each user.

You can copy those files to floppy or other media, and when you want to use the saved files, just copy the saved files to that directory.
Added 12/07/2001

The lower window (quick-view panel) became completely blank. How can I fix it?
This problem happens because all three columns shrinked to the left (maybe related with abnormal shutdown of Windows while AhaPass is running). You can easily fix it by simply placing the mouse cursor around the left-most part of the header (red region in the figure below) and doing drag-and-drop to the right. Repeat it three times.


You can just delete the related registry values (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Fronture\ColumnWidth1,2,3), then next time it will be initialized to the default values.

We will fix the program so that it will automatically initialize the width when all three width are zero or negative (--> It was fixed from ver7, 1/6/2002).

Added 12/30/2001, Last Updated 1/6/2002

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